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“ I’m not going to post about the Boston Bombing today. Just like I don’t post about 9/11 on 9/11. I am sick and tired of only American lives being remembered, of only Americans being considered fully human. I have a pit at the bottom of my stomach today, and I can’t get rid of it. Honestly, if you’ve never had a moment where your chest folds in on you and you find it difficult breathing because of what the United States has done, you’re not reading and listening enough. More than a MILLION people have died in Iraq in less than two decades. Beirut was practically flattened by Israel in 2006 creating more than a million refugees, and the unemployment rate shot up to 75%. The sea turned black because Israel bombed a power station, among other sites that constitute war crimes due to the physical and psychological torture attacking locations necessary for livelihood cause. And now, 10 years later Lebanon is taking in more than a million refugees from Syria. Where are their memorials? Where are their hashtags? Where is their compensation? Where are their ribbons? ”

—    Brandon Baxter.  (via assangistan)

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Respect the wood of the Velodrome.


Young Eddy

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Velodrome in Lviv. Zenit-E, Kodak 400.